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About Us

What makes Hawaii Mold Pros different from others in the industry? We place the health and safety of your family as our top priority. Our advanced training and experience make us the best choice for protecting your property. With a thorough understanding of how our extremely humid climate in the Islands affects homes and businesses, combined with innovative technology and a proven mold remediation system, we will give you quality results more quickly than you might expect.

When you call Hawaii Mold Pros at (808) 212-9913, you can be assured that a skilled and knowledgeable staff will be checking your home or business. Everyone in our company frequently undergoes continued education in the latest techniques and equipment, keeping our people on the cutting edge.

We are located at 1110 Nuuanu Ave. in Honolulu. To set up a consultation or have questions answered, please contact us by phone or e-mail at Our job is to help property owners fully understand the true nature of indoor air quality and mold contamination as it can adversely affect health and property values. Working together with customers, we elevate homes and businesses to the healthiest living environment possible at a reasonable cost.

We offer a number of services to the people in our area:

  • Mold assessments, inspections, testing
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Indoor environmental management
  • Mold cleaning and remediation for residential or commercial property
  • Canec ceiling and wallboard specialists
  • Contents restoration
  • Odor control
  • Thermal imaging

About Robert Stover

Our Senior Consultant at Hawaii Mold Pros, Robert Stover, lends his 20 years of experience in the remodeling, restoration, and indoor air quality industries. Stover is recognized as one of the top specialists in advanced mold remediation processes and techniques, routinely training and consulting with emergency restoration companies in Hawaii and throughout North America.

His credentials include certifications in Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation, Indoor Air Quality and Management, and Mold Assessment Consulting. He is currently drafting a training manual for licensing Mold Remediation Contractors and Assessment Consultants.

Mold inspection

The role of mold inspectors ensures the healthful environment of a residence or place of business is maintained. The inspector is a vital member of the remediation process from the time a mold colony is discovered until the final certification is given, showing a successful elimination of the colony and remediation of its core cause.

Air quality testing

The air quality testing entails taking air samples in a home or business environment. The samples are checked in a lab to take measurements of mold toxins. A test reveals a safe quality if the mold spores inside are approximately equal to the outside air. If tests show a positive reading, inspectors and remediation experts should be contacted right away.

The professionals at Hawaii Mold Pros are Oahu’s premiere air quality specialists. If a property owner believes his residence or place of business might have a mold problem, our testers should be called in immediately. Delaying only makes the problem worse and the solution costly. Even if the tell-tale signs of mold have not been sighted, routine testing on your property will help protect families or other occupants from the unexpected.

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