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Air Quality Testing

We keep our staff on the cutting edge of the air quality testing and mold remediation industry. Everyone in our firm frequently undergoes continued education in the latest techniques and equipment. We combine up-to-date technology, proven restoration procedures, and powerful cleaning products to give you a quality outcome in a timely manner.

Hawaii Mold Pros has a broad range of experience dealing with air quality testing, mold inspection, and remediation in the greater Honolulu area. Our air testers have more 20 years of experience with measuring and eliminating mold spores and other biohazards in a home or work environment.  Call us, at (808) 212-9913 anytime of the day, 24/7, and our certified air testing technicians will be on-site in 60 minutes or less.

When mold stains appear on the surface of your drywall, that means it has probably already spread extensively inside your walls. Mold, like any type of fungus, is a living micro-organism that will reproduce rapidly in the right conditions. If you are aware of the presence of mold (or even suspect it), your premises should be tested by a professional. If the tests are positive, then have the mold remediated by experts in the industry, like the techs at Hawaii Mold Pros.

When mold appears in a business (a retail outlet or restaurant) then local ordinances may dictate what must be done next. The business owner or manager should check with their municipality for specific health codes because many cities require specific procedures, such as the air quality test.

Air quality testing checks the level of contaminants in the air of a structure, such as mold spores, and should be conducted by a licensed expert. A wrong step in the procedures can lead to a faulty reading. So, if you do business in Honolulu or surrounding areas, call (808) 212-9913 anytime, 24/7, for our testing services and we will send someone to you as quickly as possible.

air quality tester

Air quality testing

If a property owner believes his residence or place of business might have a mold problem, testers should be called right away. Delay gives he mold more time to spread further, making the solution more costly. Even if the tell-tale signs of mold have not been sighted, it’s a good idea to have your property tested on a regular basis.

The air quality testing entails taking air samples in a home or business environment. This can be done by laying out petri dishes in various locations. It must be done with multiple test dishes and in diverse areas (such as different rooms) because contaminant levels may vary greatly from one place to the next.

The samples are checked in a lab and measurements determined per each location. The test results will show a mold or other microbes are growing inside your building or home and could give clues as to proximity even if the colony has not been found yet. A test reveals a safe quality if the contaminants inside are approximately equal to the outside air. If tests show a positive reading, inspectors and remediation experts should be contacted to eliminate the source.

About molds

Mold requires oxygen and moisture to survive, and an organic surface to grow on. It is commonly found in a structure that has undergone some kind of water damage. For this reason, professional water-damage restoration services commonly make a precautionary check for mold with the use of moisture-detecting equipment. If mold is found, the affected area is treated with powerful antimicrobials and sanitizers to prevent a recurrence.

Several factors can bring about the conditions that are conducive to the onset of mold, such as broken water pipes, heavy rains, flooding, and even fire suppression efforts. When organic material (like structural wood) gets wet, this creates an environment where the microscopic mold spores can settle and thrive.

Mold is not necessarily toxic to everyone. As with any biohazard, it depends upon the individual immune system. However, a mold colony can also attract bacteria and other spores that could present a health hazard, so it is important that the problem be remediated by professionals who can ensure a clean and healthy environment.

In a residence, the regulations concerning biohazards may not be as strict because of private property issues. However, if mold is discovered in a public establishment, local health codes may require it to be closed until the building undergoes testing and remediation.

Air quality testing equipment

The Remediation Process

  • Finding the hidden mold– A colony of mold can thrive in hidden places for extended periods – crawl spaces, inside walls, or inside some air ducts. If the property-owner has not located the colony, Mold Pros will use sophisticated moisture sensing equipment to find potential “breeding ground.”
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – Wallpaper and drywall are removed, and the affected areas are then scoured with strong antimicrobials and sanitizers. The torn-out debris is taken away for disposal.
  • Drying and Restoring – Next, the affected areas are dried with the help of powerful industrial fans and dehumidifiers before replacing the damaged materials with fresh components.
  • Checking contents – Any salvageable possessions in the home or business are cleaned and restored to normal use. Any unsalvageable items can be transported away with the debris.
  • Post-remediation verification – After the remediation process is completed, a post-remediation verification (PRV) test should be taken before anyone occupies the premises. This will be like the air quality test described earlier. The property-owner may choose to hire a licensed third-party tester for this, someone who has no vested interest in the outcome.

We understand how the unexpected appearance of a biohazard on your property can bring on extra stress in your life. When you call Hawaii Mold Pros at (808) 212-9913, be assured that skilled professionals will be working in your home or place of business. We will strive to ease the stress as we work with courtesy and efficiency. From the time we receive your call, our primary goal is to bring your home or place of business back up to a healthful condition.

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