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Mold Inspection

The professionals at Hawaii Mold Pros are trained and experienced at mold inspection. Our combination of innovative technology and proven procedures will give you quality results more quickly than you might expect. When you contact our firm at (808) 212-9913, you can feel confident that skilled and knowledgeable people will be checking your home or business. We keep our staff on the cutting edge of the mold inspection and remediation industry. Everyone in our company frequently undergoes continued education in the latest techniques and equipment.

Mold or any other type of fungus is a living micro-organism that can reproduce rapidly. Also, when you see the outer stains coming through to the surface of your drywall, that is a clear indication it has probably already spread extensively inside your walls. You must call in experts to inspect your premises thoroughly. There are DIY “kits” available at some stores and on the internet although, given the hazardous nature of molds, most experts do not recommend untrained property-owners attempt an inspection or remediation of their own property.

If mold appears in a business, the owner should check with their municipality for specific health codes. Mold damage inspection requires a trained expert. So, if you live or do business in Honolulu or surrounding areas, call (808) 212-9913 for our 24/7 mold inspection services and we will send someone to you in 60 minutes or less.

Mold Inspection

The inspection procedure

The role of mold inspectors is to ensure the healthful environment of a residence or place of business is maintained for the sake of occupants. The inspector is a vital part of the remediation process from the time a mold colony is discovered until the final certification is given, showing a successful elimination:

  • Environmental measurements and testing – First, the inspector measures the humidity, temperature, and moisture levels to determine if the conditions are favorable for mold growth in various parts of a structure. Then using safety guidelines, he/she collects samples from the mold colony to be tested for verification.
  • Assessment report – The inspector develops a mold assessment report, identifying the mold type, its root cause, toxicity levels on the premises, and other factors.
  • Remediation plan – The inspector can work with the remediation team in drafting a plan of action to eliminate the mold colony.
  • Observe a remediation project – As a project is evaluated, the inspector ensures that the remediation team is following procedures that ensure their own safety as well as that of the occupants. When the project is complete, the inspector can ensure that an air quality test is taken to measure the toxicity level in the air.
  • Certify the outcome – Once the environment of a structure has been returned to a healthful quality, the inspector can fill out the appropriate certification forms, stating that the home or place of business is safe for occupancy.


If mold is discovered in a residence or place of business, inspectors and remediation professionals should be called in immediately. Delaying only makes the problem worse and the solution costly. Mold inspection and remediation is enforced in business establishments by municipal health codes in many cities.

Molds can create an unhealthy environment because of spores emitted from the micro-organisms. The effects on people depends greatly upon the physical condition of an individual and their resistance to the air-borne particles. Severe effects are not very common but have been known to happen. When these spores are inhaled, some symptoms can include dizziness, confusion, skin irritation, and shortness of breath. The symptoms are treatable even from prolonged exposure.

Mold requires oxygen and moisture to survive and an organic surface to grow on. It is commonly found in a structure that has undergone some kind of water damage. Professional water-damage restoration services commonly make a precautionary check for mold with the use of moisture-detecting equipment. If found, the affected area is treated with powerful antimicrobials and sanitizers to prevent a recurrence.

A number of conditions can potentially bring on mold, such as broken water pipes, heavy rains, flooding, and even fire suppression efforts. When organic material (the structural wood of a building, for instance) gets wet, especially in an enclosed area where open air currents can’t dry the moisture, this creates an environment where the microscopic mold spores can settle and thrive.

In a residence, the regulations concerning molds may not be as strict as it is a private property. However, if mold is discovered in a public establishment (i.e. retail outlet, restaurant), local health codes may opt to close it down until the premises undergoes inspection and remediation.

Mold Inspector

Post-remediation verification:

A post-remediation verification (PRV) air test should be conducted after the remediation procedures are completed to ensure a safe and healthful environment before occupants are allowed to return to the premises. Testing is highly advisable because it may protect business owners from any litigious actions later.

There have been cases in which property owners were found responsible for the physical ailments stemming from mold. The property owner may opt to hire a licensed third party to conduct the test, someone who has no vested interest in the outcome.

The PRV test (also called a clearance test) shows that the mold colony has been cleared and the airborne spores have been reduced at least to a prescribed healthful and safe level. What constitutes “healthful and safe?” In general terms, the test should indicate that spore levels inside the premises are approximately equal to the outside air.

Hawaii Mold Pros has experienced the full range of mold inspection, testing, and remediation in the greater Honolulu area. Our inspectors have 20 years of experience dealing with molds.  Call us anytime of the day, 24/7, at (808) 212-9913, and our certified inspection technicians will be on-site in a short time.

We understand how the unexpected appearance of mold on your property can bring on extra stress in your life. We make it our job to ease the pressure and focus on your needs. Our primary goal is to leave your home or place of business with a clean and safe environment.

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