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Mold Removal

Mold Removal for Residential and Commercial Properties

Mold damage can be extensive, harmful to health, and prove to be a costly affair to deal with if not handled on time.

Don’t Make Peace with Mold Damage – Take Action Now!

The biggest challenge when dealing with mold damage is delay in action. Property owners often realize they have a mold contamination situation long after the condition has taken roots and manifested itself in multiple ways. Most notable is the damage to property and inventory and potential health hazard. However, if action is taken on time, mold growth can be avoided completely. If however, mold contamination has started or there is a potential risk for mold contamination, even under those circumstances, if swift action is taken then the issue can be effectively resolved.

Seek Professional Help

The best course of action if mold contamination has already become a situation is seeking professional help. So if you spot mold, or if you suspect you could have a potential mold problem, then call a professional mold remediation company. Don’t wait till mold starts presenting health threats. Not to mention the damage it can wreck on your furniture, inventory, and other items.

Leave mold contamination unchecked and over time you could be looking at damage to property that could run into thousands of dollars.

Hawaii Mold Pros is a leading mold remediation services company. We cover various aspects of mold remediation which include;

  • Mold Assessments, Inspections, Testing.
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing.
  • Indoor Environmental Management.
  • Mold Cleaning & Remediation for both Residential and Commercial Properties.
  • Canec Ceiling & Wallboard Specialists.
  • Contents Restoration.
  • Odor Control.
  • Thermal Imaging.


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We have been servicing residential and commercial facilities for a number of years. Our experience with mold contamination is unique given the topography of the Islands which means we have a more nuanced understanding of mold contamination in the region. This know-how allows us to create situation specific mold combating solutions that are a 100% effective.

Residential Mold Remediation with Hawaii Mold Pros

Mold happily grows in places that are damp, dark, and with little or no ventilation. If there is visible water damage from leaking sanitation lines or faulty plumbing, or if you have experienced flooding due to a storm surge or during the rainy season, or if you have suffered a fire damage, then the risk of mold growth cannot be discounted.

In situation such as these, mold growth can be visible and quick. However, more often than not, residential property owners often face mold contamination that takes place in hard to detect areas and spaces. Because mold growth in these places is hidden, the problem is compounded by the fact that not only is it difficult to detect mold contamination, but more importantly reaching these places presents a big challenge.

However, if you decide to contract with a professional mold remediation services company such as Hawaii Mold Pros, you can be assured of prompt response and quick issue resolution. Having dealt with numerous cases of residential mold contamination, we are also well versed with the insurance issues that residential property owners are often subjected to. Hawaii Mold Pros technicians are trained not only to deal with mold remediation, but to also work in collaboration with property owners and insurance companies to ensure faster processing of claims.

This is one of the reasons why we are a vendor of choice for most customers when it comes to mold remediation.

Commercial Mold Remediation with Hawaii Mold Pros

Commercial properties with mold contamination issues require a very different and unique mold remediation approach. In addition to more square footage, commercial properties also are places of commerce which means the option of a complete shut down and clean-up is completely ruled out. In addition to damage to building structure, damage can also occur in the form of business loss. When dealing with commercial property mold contamination we follow a simple protocol;

Step In. Do the Job Quickly. Step Out.

Over the years we have worked with various commercial property owners and helped them resolve their mold contamination problem. Each time our focus was to create customized resolutions with minimum downtime.

Moisture buildup can happen due to any number of reasons. The most common reason being faulty plumbing. Once this moisture buildup takes place, it can start seeping into the drywall, the insulation, flooring, and also impact any other surface with a porous structure. From here on, mold can spread rapidly and start impacting other areas of the property. Mold can also impact the ventilation system, grow under floor tiles and other hard to see places. In addition to presenting an obvious health risk to workers and tenants, mold looks extremely ungainly once it starts showing on the walls or ceilings of the property.

At this point quick and effective mold removal become absolutely necessary. After a complete and comprehensive inspection of the site, which includes identifying the mold source and the places it has impacted as well as doing an air quality test, Hawaii Mold Pros technicians will quickly create a customized mold remediation strategy.

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Proactive vs. Reactive

It is imperative that both residential property owners and commercial owners be proactive about avoiding mold contamination. Here are a four simple steps you can take to avoid a potential mold contamination situation on your property.

  • Check your plumbing and sanitation lines for leaks and faults on a regular basis.
  • Ensure there is good ventilation and flow of air all through the property.
  • If anytime you do face water damage, shut down or plug the source of leakage, get rid of all excess water quickly and quick start the drying out process by using fans, humidifiers to eliminate moisture.
  • Seek professional help if mold contamination is extensive.


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