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Mold Testing

The Importance of Mold Testing for YOUR Property

  • Hawaii is a very moist and wet environment
  • The EPA clearly states that wet/humid environments CAUSE ASTHMA
  • Mold has also known to make ASTHMA worst
  • Are there visible signs of mold growth on your walls, furniture, carpets and or ceilings?
  • Are you or someone in your family/office been advised about health conditions from exposure to mold?
  • Does your home suffer from poor ventilation and improper water drainage?
  • Are you facing one of the above or all of them after a recent or ongoing water damage event in your property?

If you answered with a YES to any one of all of the above, then you might have a mold problem on your hands.

Mold meter

Is your property mold free?

Most people would respond with a tentative yes. However, most property owners don’t realize is they have a mold problem until the issue starts impacting their everyday lives or shows up as damage to the property.

Why do I need to get my property tested for mold damage?

This is not an uncommon question. And in fact, a lot of property owners are unaware of the damage that mold can cause to life and property. The simple fact is that mold contamination will happen anyplace there is excess moisture and improper ventilation. Your home and or commercial properties are ideal locations for mold contamination. There is water present all the time. And especially in winter or rainy season, proper ventilation is a definite challenge.

Once mold has taken roots on your property, it opens a gateway to health risks and property structural damage. Potential risk to health include, respiratory conditions, throat irritation, skin rash, allergies and asthma attack. Mold exposure can also significantly increase the chances for lung conditions such as bronchitis. In the elderly, the sick, and children the onset of these conditions is faster when there is mold contamination according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Property damage could happen in the form of visible mold growth on walls, corners, ceiling, basement, surfaces, furniture, and even your clothes. It can damage dry walls, enter into cracks in the floor, and damage your carpeting.

Did you know Mold Impacts the Air YOU Breath Indoors?

Air quality inside a house or in the working space is crucial to good health. If there is dampness or if there is a dank and musty smell in your house or office, then there is a high possibility of mold or mildew contamination. As mentioned earlier, any place that is moist and where air flow is restricted provide ideal conditions for mold growth.  The biggest danger that mold presents is that it can spread rapidly and across the length and breadth of your residential and commercial property which in turn can adversely impact the air quality in these places.

Mold testing is important at time of sale or even if when renting/leasing out a property

At the time of sale of property of even when the property is being put up for renting or leasing, mold testing is essential. If you want the best value in the market for your property, then mold testing is something that you should take very seriously. This is especially true if the property is old. However, even if the property is new, if the conditions are met (excess moisture and improper ventilation) mold contamination can happen. By getting your property checked for mold contamination, and obtaining a mold-free certification, you can actually get better leverage during negotiations.

Important Areas for Mold Testing

Mold is often found in the basement of a house or commercial building. The inherent dampness and lack of insulation make it an ideal place for mold to take roots. In brand new houses, the common issue is that the house is constructed to be air tight (to provide insulation from cold and extreme heat). Lack of proper ventilation and the trapping of outside air within the property can lead to mold feeding on the dry wall.

Professional Mold Testing is Crucial

Each of the above mentioned factors are reasons enough to get your property tested for mold contamination. What is crucial however, is that inspection and testing should be performed by a highly trained and experienced professional. Hire a professional mold inspection company with the requisite experience in collection and analyzing of mold samples to get the most accurate results.

Professional mold testing can tell you if you have a mold problem on your hands. These tests can help with identifying the type of mold contamination, the places where mold is growing, measuring your indoor air quality, and the scope and extent of mold contamination.

A detailed and comprehensive analysis and testing is essential for coming up with a customized mold removal solution.

mold testing

Hawaii Mold Pros – Committed to Healthy and Safe Residential and Commercial Properties

A unique understanding of the environment is crucial to deal with any damage to property from an organic source such as mold. Hawaii Mold Pros has the necessary know how of the region, a understanding of the different conditions and factors that lead to mold damage, and best in class technology power to eliminate mold contamination from any property irrespective of the size and scale of mold infestation.

We use a state-of-the-art system and tools to test your property for mold contamination and to check the quality of indoor air. Both are crucial when designing up with a customized remediation plan to the mold contamination issue on your property. Mold growth if left unchecked, can cause extensive structural damage to your property and the items housed on your property. This is why, as soon as you feel there is an actual or even potential risk of mold contamination, it is advisable to seek help and advice from professional sources.

We offer quick, efficient, and accurate assessment for mold contamination for both residential and commercial properties. Our technicians are trained to carry out comprehensive testing even in places that are hard to reach and often the most convenient places for mold growth.

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